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Eterra Inverted Skid Steer Log Splitter


37 Ton Skid Steer Inverted Log Splitter

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Eterra Inverted Skid Steer Log Splitter – LSI-37 – Currently Out of Stock.  New design coming soon.

We introduced inverted splitters back in 2000 and have watched competitors copy our designs.  The original designs had a lot of issues that the imitators just keep building over and over.  We took it upon ourselves to take the lead and produce a new revolutionary design.  Our new series does away with a lot of the issues you will find in the old fashioned inverted splitters.
If you look closely, you will see we have revolutionized the mounting of this splitter.  Why would we do this?  The answer is visibility.  It is so hard to see the log with an inverted splitter, that we had to do something.  Our design allows you to carry the splitter upright with ease.  Load it on a trailer without taking up any additional space.  Roll the splitter forward when you need to use it and you will see your quick attach plate drop out of the way and you will see so much more.We assemble this splitter in two ways.  Standard full inverted or side mount.  This gives you the choice of dropping the splitter onto the log or side grabbing your logs.  This results in even better visibility.
Our splitter wedge is forged and comes complete with a bolt on 4 way wedge.  If you don’t need it you can take it off and use it as a three way.  We back this wedge up with a 5′ cylinder which provides 37 tons of force that will split virtually anything.
The inverted model does not have a control valve so you must operate it from inside the cab.  The cylinder used is a 5′ x 24′ stroke.  The opening is 27′ which allows you to slide over a 24′ log.
  • The only Upright Inverted Splitter
  • 37 Tons of Force
  • 24′ Stroke x 5′ Welded Cylinder
  • Full Inverted or Side Mount
  • Cylinder is Completely Protected From Damge
  • Forged Splitter Wedge
  • Free 4 Way Bolt On Wedge
  • Free 4 Way Bolt On Wedge
  • Sands upright for easy transport
  • Excellent Visibilty
  • Backed by the best warranty from the best company
Weight 675 lbs


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